Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Wife who cuts her husband's manhood dies after drinking pesticide

PHAYAO, Thailand - The  woman who cut off her husband's penis with a kitchen knife in a fit of jealousy on Saturday, took her own life by drinking pesticide at their house in Pong district.

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Acording to Pol Capt Narin Cherdchu, duty officer at Pong police station, the 33-year-old Kawinnart Sae Zong was pronounced dead on Monday morning at a local hospital.

Photo Credits: Chiang Kham Hospital / Roger Stassen

Kawinnart cut off Niran Sae Wang’s manhood while he was sleeping at their house in Santisuk village at about 2am Saturday. She was furious after knowing that her husband cheated on her many times.

Niran, 38, who was rushed to Pong Hospital due to severe bleeding but was transferred to Lampang Hospital, was reunited with his penis where it was latter reattached. 

Pol Capt Narin said that after Kawinnart attacked her husband, she locked herself in a room and drank pesticide, Bangkok Post reported. She was rushed to Pong Hospital, which later transferred to Chiang Kham Hospital in the same province, where she died.

Surgeons said the operation on her husband was successful and at this stage he could urinate, but would have to remain under doctors' care for a while longer, the report added.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Wife cuts off husband's manhood

Lampang, Thailand - A man in northern Lampang suffered a terrible fate in the hands of his wife after she had his penis chopped off on Saturday, 28 May. 

According to reports, the wife used a kitchen knife to chopped her husband's schlong off. The 45-year-old man was rushed to a hospital in Phayao but was transferred to Lampang Hospital where surgeons specializing in plastic surgery and urinary systems reattached his private part.
It was not disclosed as to why his wife did such an act.

Read: Wife Who Cuts Her Husband's Manhood Dies After Drinking Pesticide
The operation was successful, and the victim is now recovering a at the hospital. However, the specialists said he won't be able to have intercourse due to the severe damage in the ligaments and nerves, reported Sanook.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Video: Monk watching porn on full volume whilst on a bus

A monk was was filmed watching a full volume pornographic movie; oblivious of other passengers on a tour bus.

The video was uploaded on Facebook and was quickly met with negative criticisms from netizens, shaking their heads at what has become of Thai society.
Image: Daily News
Wittawat Wonghakul, 19, who uploaded the video on social media, told Daily News that the incident happened while he was on a bus from Loei to Udon Thani. He heard the sound of a movie of people having sex. 

He thought a teenager was watching the movie and made his way to say something, but when he saw who the man he decided not to say anything.

The man watching watching porn was a monk aged about 30 - who seemed oblivious to his fellow passengers as he gawked at the movie, ThaiVisa reported.

Wittawat was worried that the monk might get angry - he had seen the results of monk violence recently - so he decided to film instead. He hopes someone will recognize the monk, the report added.

Source: Daily News, ThaiVisa

Friday, May 19, 2017

Foreign man sets himself on fire outside Iranian Embassy

Bangkok, Thailand - A man literally and figuratively played with fire earlier today and attempted to run inside the Iranian Embassy in Bangkok while ablaze.
The man who was identified as 40-year-old Iranian national, set himself on fire but was immediately extinguished by security guards at the embassy, and then sent to Camillian Hospital at about 1pm.
Photo credits: FM91BKK
According to police, the man was standing across the street from the Iranian Embassy, located on Sukhumvit soi 49/11. He was seen holding a sign that read “Don’t voted Iris,” along with three words that the police thought to be Arabic, before he self-immolated, Coconuts Bangkok reported.
The investigation is ongoing, Prachachart reported.
Current Iranian president Hassan Rouhani and hard-line cleric Ebrahim Raisi are seen as the front-runners in today’s election.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Man enters widow's house in Roi-Et and came with his head covered in blood

ROI-ET: -- Man enters widow's house in Roi-Et and gets more than he bargained for

The incident happened at a house in Dong Lan district of the north eastern Thai town of Roi-et province. According to a Thai Rath report, the man was eventually attacked by the people in the house. He tried to flee but was later surrounded by neighbors who came to help. He was later apprehended by the police.

Named only as "A", the 44-year-old widow told the police that she was woken up sometime after midnight of noises in the house. When the lights were turned on, the noises stopped. 

She went to bed again but the noises came back. She thought her mother was going into the toilet. But when she turned the lights on, she saw her 51-year-old neighbor Khongsit Sawatsala standing her bedroom doorway.

She grabbed her deceased husband's .38 gun which she kept under her pillow and fired two warning shots. The man tried to grab the gun, and it went off three more times into the ceiling

ThaiVisa reported that the victim's mother came and she was kicked to the ground. The victim's 17 year old daughter grabbed an electric iron and smacked Khongsit in the head that caused him to flee.

But thanks to neighbors who heard the commotion he did not get far. When police arrived they found the assailant covered in blood with three serious injuries to the head.

He said it was all one big misunderstanding. He had seen the widow earlier in the day and she had ignored him, he claimed. So after drinking heavily until midnight he went to see her to ask why she would not speak to him.

That was all, he claimed, adding: "I don't know why it had to end like this," ThaiVisa added.

Sources: ThaiVisa, Thai Rath

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Monks behaving badly - abbot caught attacking dogs, claims fellow monk

Phra Atikarnbadikittipong Sumankhalo, 52, of a famous temple in Chachoengsao province, is in hot water after allegedly attacking and killing a dog.

The abbot throwing a dog in the Bang Pakong river. Photo by Sanook
The claims against the abbot spread fast when pictures of him was uploaded on online and followed up by visit to the police, reports Sanook.

According to a fellow monk Phra Supachai, he saw the abbot in question take a stick to a dog and kill it.

But according to the abbot he is a good monk and knows all about sin. He admitted that a dog did die but it was not intentional.

The abbot said he picked up a broom in order to stop the two dogs who fighting and knew one of the dogs died. However, he wasn't sure whether it died from being hit by the broom he was holding or by a bite from another animal.

The dead dog was later burred by the side of Wat Hua Sai Temple in the same province.

Asked about the images of throwing a dog in the river he said that was not a sin at all. He was helping the dog that had fleas and ticks - the dog would swim to the side and shake off the infestation.

In a latest development the abbot has claimed defamation at the hands of the monk who posted the pictures and made comments about him online.

The other monk said what he saw was a sin and disgusting.

Police are to interview both the abbot and the poster of the clip to see if there is a case to answer either way.

Source: Sanook, ThaiVisa

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Cabbie returns $20,000 to Australian businessman

Bangkok cabbie Wimon Tripat returned $20,000 (Bt529,000) to 59-year-old Australian business man David Gorge at Suvarnabhumi Airport Police Station late on Friday evening.

Taxi stand at Suvarnabhumi Airport
Corinson took a cab driven by Wimon  from the airport to Mor Chit Bus Station on Friday afternoon.

According to The Nation report, the 62-year-old Wimon received a call from the police asking him if Corinson had left the money in the taxi, the driver checked the vehicle and found the cash in an envelop under the front passenger seat.

Corinson, who works in Australia, was carrying the money to give to his family in Thailand.

He thanked Wimon and gave him an unspecified amount of money as a reward.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Bangkok building collapses, killing 1 worker

Bangkok - Officers from Ladprao Police Station rushed to the three-story concrete residence on Yothin Patthana Road after the building collapsed; killing one worker in the process and injuring three others.

Rescue worker searching of the building that collapsed Tuesday in Bangkok. Photo: Khaosod English
The three-story concrete residence in Bang Kapi district collapsed at about 6pm Tuesday as construction workers were working on its fourth floor. According to crane operator Singro Kosila, he was moving a 3.3-ton concrete slab to the fourth floor when he saw the building's floors and beams complete collapse, Khaosod English reported.

The worker who died was crushed while the three others who are now being treated at the hospital suffered head and leg injuries. A fourth worker managed to escape unscathed.

Police are investigating the cause of the building's collapse.

"It could be that the building was planned incorrectly, or the construction workers were building it improperly,” he said. “On the other hand, the quality of the metal and concrete used in construction could also be faulty,” Police Col. Suksit Meesawad who also rushed to the scene said.

Suksit also added all five workers were Thai nationals.

Monday, September 19, 2016

An average of 15 Thai youths every 10 days die in motorcycle-related accidents

Bangkok - According to Dr. Adisak Plitpolkarnpim, director of Ramathibodi Hospital's Child Safety Promotion and Injury Prevention Research Centre (CSIP), 15 Thai youths aged between 10-14 die every ten days from motorcycle accidents.

Photo: Thai PBS
CSIP has produced a video clip showing motorcycle accidents involving Thai youngsters with an aim to promote safety among young Thais travelling in motorbikes. The clip which was posted in the social media has, so far, attracted many viewers, Thai PBS reported.

Dr Adisak said that parents were responsible for death and injury of the young victims but he didn’t want to put all the blame on them. All those people who saw the underaged riding on the pillions of motorcycles or who ride the bikes and did nothing about it are to blame, he added.

About 15,800 children are involved in motorcycle-related accidents each year and 700 of them are killed. Most of the victims are between 12 and 15 years of age. The death toll will increase to 31 in ten days during long vacation or festivals such as New Year and Songkran.

Dr Adisak noted that casualties from motorcycle accidents involving youngsters aged under 15 tend to increase every year, making Thailand the world’s Number One with the highest death toll from accidents involving motorcycles.

Source: Thai PBS, Bangkok Post

Friday, September 16, 2016

Thais, foreigners arrested in Nana raid

Bangkok - A total of 55 Thais and foreign nationals are taken into custody for questioning when more than 100 police, military, and anti-narcotics officers raided a six story entertainment establishment on Soi Sukhumvit 3 Friday morning.

According to a report from Bangkok Post, twelve of them, eight Thai women and four South African nationals, tested positive for methamphetamne use. Fifteen foreign customers, including an American and one Polish national, were found to have no entry documents.

Photo: Khaosod English
The authorities also confiscated 62 shisha pipes; 51 of them were found on the roof-deck and another 11 on the third floor.

The third and fifth floors of the building held an entertainment venue called 'Ethiopian Restuarant," along with a pub, Middle Eastern-themed dance bar, massage parlor and restaurant, Khaosod English reported.

Officers said the building did not have enough entrances and exits and its restaurants operated beyond permitted hours, the report added.

Two Ethiopian nationals running the pub and restaurant were not present during the raid. 

Media reports named one of the Ethipian owners as 32-year-old  Mekuriya Hailegebrel.