Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Wife who cuts her husband's manhood dies after drinking pesticide

PHAYAO, Thailand - The  woman who cut off her husband's penis with a kitchen knife in a fit of jealousy on Saturday, took her own life by drinking pesticide at their house in Pong district.

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Acording to Pol Capt Narin Cherdchu, duty officer at Pong police station, the 33-year-old Kawinnart Sae Zong was pronounced dead on Monday morning at a local hospital.

Photo Credits: Chiang Kham Hospital / Roger Stassen

Kawinnart cut off Niran Sae Wang’s manhood while he was sleeping at their house in Santisuk village at about 2am Saturday. She was furious after knowing that her husband cheated on her many times.

Niran, 38, who was rushed to Pong Hospital due to severe bleeding but was transferred to Lampang Hospital, was reunited with his penis where it was latter reattached. 

Pol Capt Narin said that after Kawinnart attacked her husband, she locked herself in a room and drank pesticide, Bangkok Post reported. She was rushed to Pong Hospital, which later transferred to Chiang Kham Hospital in the same province, where she died.

Surgeons said the operation on her husband was successful and at this stage he could urinate, but would have to remain under doctors' care for a while longer, the report added.

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